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What if every sip of your whiskey helped make the world a better place?

Who is Seamus O'Healy

The Irish-ish Maverick

Seamus O'Healy may not be made by actual Irishmen, but it's got the spirit, heart, and love of a good whiskey that would make any Irishman proud. It's a rebel with a cause, breaking the mold of traditional Irish whiskey and creating a new category of Irish-ish whiskey.

The Smooth Talker

Seamus O'Healy is known for its smooth and easy-drinking taste, perfect for those who want to savor the moment and enjoy a good conversation over a glass of whiskey.

The Local Hero

Seamus O'Healy is more than just a whiskey - it's a do-gooding machine that supports local children's charities. With every sip, you're making a difference in your community.

"Seamus O'Healy whiskey is more than just a drink, it's a life-changing experience. And the best part is, every sip helps raise money for local children's charities. I've never felt better about getting a little buzzed knowing that I'm doing some good in the world. "

-Rico Suave (maybe…)


The only thing smoother than our whiskey is our mustaches.

Seamus O’Healy is an Irish-ish whiskey distilled right here in Nebraska with a touch of Irish charm. We’re not just another whiskey – with every sip, you’re helping us support 5 local children’s charities through Mustaches 4 Kids Omaha. And we’re not just about doing good – we’re also about having a damn good time. So come join us at our for any of our local events and be part of another year of raising money for a good cause. Sláinte!


Whether you’re curious about our whiskey or just want to help out and make a donation to Seamus O’Healy’s Stache 

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